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USA Network’s Characters Welcome

USA is one of my favorite networks.  With TNT and A&E, they keep TV tolerable given the dearth of worthwhile programming on the big networks. Besides their own original programs, the time blocks devoted to reruns of a single show, and broadcasting new episodes twice the day they first air also work for me.

But I scratch my head every time the Characters Welcome commercial is aired.

It is unfathomable to me how dividing us by focusing solely on our differences brings us together. That is a pernicious lie.  To be clear, I do believe our differences can and should be acknowledged, celebrated, and leveraged to make us all more complete.  The whole is greater than the parts when it is assembled and functioning in concert.  Dismantling the whole into its component parts discards that value. Sadly, some would rather control separate objects.

It may be a fine line, but not a distinction without a difference.  “Multiculturalism” as they preach it really isn’t, or at least not as advertised. It draws attention to what separates us and ignores what brings us together. It might more appropriately be called “motley-culturalism.”

If the goal is to dignify the worth of everyone individually and not to antagonize by pinpointing our differences, the focus should be fixed instead on what we share in common. The same God breathed life into each of us — Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, black, white, male, female, young, old, short, tall … all of us.

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