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Dallas Tea Party Push Back at Racist Meme

This isn’t new, but I saw the videos below for the first time today and thought them outstanding.

Fear of ideas has long prevailed on the left and, as La Shawn Barber exquisitely stated, to cowardly attack the messenger is witlessly confused with refuting the message in those parts.  The Tea Party movement has been subjected to particularly vicious attacks. From labeling participants with a slang term for a vile sex act to fatuous accusations of ra-a-a-a-a-cism, the haters on the left have held nothing back while trying to marginalize conservatives standing up for American values and the founding principles.

One such and typical attack came from Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.  The Dallas Tea Party organization posted the following response to the obviously ill-informed propaganda.

Dimwits like those at MSNBC aren’t interested in expanding their understanding, so they failed to accept the invitation to attend a Tea Party function and see for themselves what it was about.

The Tea Party people extended another invitation, which was also ignored.  The inhabitants of the incestuous echo chamber on the left know what they know and aren’t the least bit curious to explore beyond their comfortable bubble.

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Time to throw them all out

Incumbency is a cancer on this country. It’s time to throw them all out.

Sure there is a small handful in Washington standing for the principles on which this country was founded. Sure there are a few who represent our interests before their own. If they must go to rid us of the rest, then I say let them go. And those few patriots would say the same.

No man or woman is essential to this great nation. The founding principles, born of God’s gracious providence, are. We will survive with new patriots. We will not if we the people do not take back the power that was intended to reside with us.

Hey hey ho ho
All of them have got to go.
Republican, Democrat keep nary a one;
The Revolution has begun.

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