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It’s Tyranny, Stupid!

The busybodies in Washington D.C. want to force everyone to get “approved” health insurance.  Anyone who doesn’t will be fined. The president was asked whether this violates his pledge to not raise taxes and he argued that it was not a tax. This set the punditocracy into a tizzy.

In all my years I don’t recall seeing everyone, regardless of their side in a “debate,” get anything so wrong. Who cares if it’s called a tax, or not. It’s tyranny.  Conservatives engaging in this phony debate are no less stupid than the Democrats and their toadies.

We the people are being asked to surrender ever more freedoms under the pretense of “the common good.” And we’re being told it’s unpatriotic to ask, “what good?” We’re Neanderthals to question, “common to whom?” It’s racist to challenge the wisdom of the government determining the “the” in common good.

The perpetrators of the contrived cacophony of the Bush years have suddenly decided only their supporters deserve a voice.  A new set of rules is in force. (See Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Remember when protest was patriotic.)

The set of programs being shoved down our throats all expand government’s power at the expense of our liberty.  That should be enough to identify the problem.  In case anyone missed it, the neo-libs stifling of dissent by demonizing opponents provides the exclamation mark.  Whether this particular measure increases taxes, or not, is the least of this country’s current problems and just a predictable symptom of the real malady.

It’s tyranny, stupid.

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