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New Year’s eve I caught a clip of ABC’s Deborah Roberts (20/20) interviewing Michael Oher, the subject of the movie The Blind Side. (It must have been a recap of the year’s stories, because the interview is a year old, corresponding to the movie’s release.) What captured my attention was her asking Michael Oher about black people refusing to see the film. It seems they were offended by the story of a rich, white family rescuing another black kid from the poverty of the ghetto, perpetuating the notion it’s the only means for escape.

The disconnect is stunning — even for a journalist.

Let me connect two simple and obvious dots.

• Liberals, including the most prominently recognized black “leaders,” promote the nanny state. Their message: it is fairness, even justice, for the government to “lend a hand” to those “less fortunate.”

• Liberals, including those same black “leaders,” promote taxing “the wealthy” to pay for the nanny state. This too falls under the same asserted “justice.”

Don’t blame me, but those same black leaders have made this into a racial argument. Black people, many of them poor, must be propped up, when it’s really about poor people, many of whom happen to be black. (This oft-used sleight of hand suggests correlation == causation.) The issue has been hijacked, the perpetrators doing the bidding of their Democrat plantation owners. A black isn’t even authentically black if they don’t buy the agenda that they need help from the state. I didn’t say it; they did.

Now, connect the dots. They’re offended that the Tuohy family would provide help directly, of their own initiative, but demand the same family give more money for the government to provide the same help (sans the effectiveness). Am I the only one who sees through this stupid three-card Monte game?

I’m glad blacks are offended at the suggestion they’re lost without help. They’re right. They are as capable as anyone. But why the denial that it’s their own poverty pimps selling them the lie that they are lost? Where does government help come from if not the same rich people (many whiteys) causing them such angst?

And what about the oblivion surrounding a journalist asking such a question?

(Hat tip: Paula Mooney, at the Cleveland During my search, I found details about the 20/20 piece in her article. Her politics are unknown to me, so I don’t want to unfairly associate her with mine, but she expressed discomfort with the question as well.)

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Dallas Tea Party Push Back at Racist Meme

This isn’t new, but I saw the videos below for the first time today and thought them outstanding.

Fear of ideas has long prevailed on the left and, as La Shawn Barber exquisitely stated, to cowardly attack the messenger is witlessly confused with refuting the message in those parts.  The Tea Party movement has been subjected to particularly vicious attacks. From labeling participants with a slang term for a vile sex act to fatuous accusations of ra-a-a-a-a-cism, the haters on the left have held nothing back while trying to marginalize conservatives standing up for American values and the founding principles.

One such and typical attack came from Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.  The Dallas Tea Party organization posted the following response to the obviously ill-informed propaganda.

Dimwits like those at MSNBC aren’t interested in expanding their understanding, so they failed to accept the invitation to attend a Tea Party function and see for themselves what it was about.

The Tea Party people extended another invitation, which was also ignored.  The inhabitants of the incestuous echo chamber on the left know what they know and aren’t the least bit curious to explore beyond their comfortable bubble.

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Post-racial my patoot

I am a conservative who genuinely considered voting for Barack Obama.

I remember the malaise that enveloped the country during the tenure of the man with the unenviable distinction of being the worst president and the worst ex-president in (at least) my lifetime — the anti-Semite, Jimmy Carter. I also had the good fortune to attend a Reagan campaign rally in Milwaukee, WI, and remember being stirred by his message. He was, and always will be, the Great Communicator.

Reagan’s contributions extended beyond his speech making, but the importance of his inspiration to the healing of the nation should not be underestimated.  It is that belief — in the role of the president to inspire — that had me honestly considering Barack Obama.  In the end, I didn’t trust his centrist rhetoric, and was deeply suspicious of his radical history.  Sadly, it hasn’t taken long for me to be proven correct.

But now it’s even worse than that. Consider this paragraph from George Will, “The prize Hillary isn’t owed,” May 18, 2008.

When, in 1975, Frank Robinson became major league baseball’s first African American manager, with the Cleveland Indians, that was an important milestone. But an even more important one came two years later, when the Indians fired him. That was real equality: Losing one’s job is part of the job description of major league managers, because sacking the manager is one of the few changes a floundering team can make immediately. So, in a sense, Robinson had not really arrived until he was told to leave. Then he was just like hundreds of managers before him.

Until a black president can be criticized on legitimate policy differences, just like all presidents before and without the race card being played, he hasn’t really arrived.

I didn’t consider Obama because he was black.  Unlike, apparently, many of his supporters, I wasn’t motivated by white guilt. I have none. It wouldn’t have been an affirmative action choice.  I simply thought he might be the best man for the job, for the country at the time. Skin color wasn’t a factor.

This man is anything but post-racial. (Post-partisan seems like a bad joke, too.)  He and his supporters are incapable of carrying on a public policy debate without hiding behind his skin color. This isn’t progress. The country is more racially polarized, and worse off, than before he took office.  Maureen Dowdy and the rest of the lefty race hucksters producing and regurgitating the talking points can blame it on the opposition, but no one outside their incestuous cabal believes the risible lies.

I don’t have a problem with skin color. Never have. Liberals do.

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