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Greedy SEIU

I’m so sick of hearing those on the left complain about “greedy” bankers, capitalists, what have you. Protecting what is rightfully yours is not greedy. Taking from others what isn’t rightfully yours is. When the others are people on public assistance and the takers live the fat life while pretending to be allies, the theft goes beyond greedy. It’s unconscionable. And it’s par for the course for SEIU, other public sector unions, and their enablers and apologists.

In a piece from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, titled “Michigan SEIU Scam the Product of Government Collective Bargaining,” author Trey Kovacs details a scheme where the Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3) was created ostensibly to register providers as an aid to Medicaid recipients looking for home health care service. In fact, it was used to declare all such providers government workers, facilitating their covert and forced unionization.

Once the scam was completed, SEIU was given a collective bargaining agreement by the state, and the theft began. A mechanism was created to siphon union dues from Medicaid checks. Read that again: SEIU is quietly, deceptively, possibly illegally siphoning union dues from medicaid checks before they get to the recipients — people who cannot afford health care on their own.

Since 2006 SEIU has taken $28 million from medicaid recipients and their caregivers.

And this is just one such scam. How many more are there throughout the country?

The left always claims to be motivated by a greater measure of compassion for those in need, and by “fairness” for working people which can only be secured by unions fighting against the greedy interests arrayed against them. Where is the compassion for Robert and Patricia Haynes, the parents of two children with cerebral palsy, cared for at home with help from medicaid so they don’t have to be institutionalized. The Haynes are not health care workers but simply parents caring for their children in need, and they lose $30 / month to the greedy SEIU thugs and their legislator and bureaucrat partners.

Read the rest here:

Michigan SEIU Scam the Product of Government Collective Bargaining

Parents Forced to Pay Union Dues, Lawmaker Rakes In Health Care Money

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Exploiting Youthful Idealism – Shamelessly

In the New York Times article, “Students Lose Zeal for Aiding Obama Again” (11/14/2011), are the following paragraphs:

Mr. Obama’s advisers, while acknowledging the shift, said they were confident that the loss of these workers would be negated by an influx of new students who have turned of voting age since 2008. Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, said there had been eight million voters ages 18 to 21 registered since the last election, most of whom were Democrats.

“Their brothers and sisters started it, and they are going to finish it,” Mr. Messina said Monday. “They are storming into our office. Our volunteer numbers are up from where we thought they would be.”

This would be a stunningly shameless admission if such blatant exploitation weren’t so commonplace as to numb the senses to being stunned any further. Note that Mr. Messina acknowledged the sentiment shift, but flatly ignored Obama’s responsibility and the people he harmed. There is no perfunctory (and disingenuous) “We feel your pain,” no pro forma (and dishonest) “We’re doing everything we can,” no confession that the students’ disaffection is well founded, no compulsion to address them or their issues at all. Rove Messina may as well have said: F - - - them. We moved on, they should too.

These exploited voters are simply being discarded for the next group of unwitting dupes. It’s not even a speed bump for the regime. They see a path to maintain their power and the disappointment and powerlessness of those who invested their hopes and dreams are of zero consequence. Sadly, using history as a guide, the message will be lost on those who can ill afford to miss it, whose futures are jeopardized most, the very ones exploited — in this case the young.

The natural idealism of youth is a valuable input, counterbalancing the equally natural circumspection of the not-so-young. The two forces should create productive tension. Another way to state this difference is: the young lack — dare I say ipso facto — tempering experience.

This does not assert that experience negates idealism. If that’s what you hear, re-read the introductory clause of the previous paragraph. The two innate characteristics counter-balance one another. My history includes the idealism of my youth. The young do not, cannot, share my subsequent hard earned experience. A thought experiment for the young, and useful for young and old alike: I understand and embrace your idealism to offset my certainly diminished capacity for same. Do you similarly value my input to offset your lack of experience?

There is an irony here. (Isn’t life full of them?) Of the two demands requisite to productive engagement between generations, the one placed on the young is necessarily the more challenging. The old must put aside whatever barriers they have to pulling existing items from the memory bank in order to recall the idealism of their youth. But we ask the young to accept as true what they have not yet experienced, so cannot know. We ask them to take it as an article of faith.

We do a disservice to them and to ourselves when we fail to acknowledge that the young have the more difficult end of the bargain. It is a lack of empathy that our experience should warn to guard against, but too often doesn’t. And this is the gap exploited by partisans, ideologues, tyrants, and other power-hungry lovers of self.

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CAIR lies

CAIR is not about improving relations between Muslims and the rest of America. It is about shutting down any and all unflattering speech, truth be damned, using lies and intimidation. The latest:

“NPR should address the fact that one of its news analysts seems to believe that all airline passengers who are perceived to be Muslim can legitimately be viewed as security threats,” said CAIR National Executive DirectorNihad Awad. “Such irresponsible and inflammatory comments would not be tolerated if they targeted any other racial, ethnic or religious minority, and they should not pass without action by NPR.” [source:]

Juan Williams did no such thing. He did not say anything about security policy. He simply expressed, with honesty and some obvious discomfort, his own personal fear. He neither suggested it was legitimate, nor that it should form the basis for any policy. He has been an outspoken critic of “racial profiling” in public security policy, sometimes against all reason. For him to be tarred in this manner proves just how fearful the left is of some truth, from any quarters.

The claim that similar comments would not be tolerated regarding other races and religions, coming from a group that tolerates vile anti-semitism in its own ranks, is laughable. There is an unending litany of bigoted speech targeted at Christians and Jews.

Compare this episode to discussions of the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church. By CAIR’s standards, talking about an endemic problem in the church was “irresponsible and inflammatory.” One notable difference: the vast majority of non-pedophilia-tolerating Roman Catholics rose up to clean up their own mess, starting with honest self-criticism, and without trying to shut down discussion–even from outside their faith and way out-of-bounds. When the vast majority of “peace loving” Muslims stand up in similar fashion, instead of cowering behind the skirt of the thought police, the disquiet felt by 100’s of millions will begin to dissipate. Shutting down criticism and remaining otherwise silent on the sidelines won’t cut it.

I’m not a big Juan Williams fan.  Some have suggested he has softened his liberal opinions over the years. I don’t see it that way. He has become more Pavlovian in his defense of Obama, more willing to unthinkingly avail himself of talking points brewed in the incestuous pot of liberal groupthink. For someone as intelligent and capable of independent thought as he has proven himself to be, this is sometimes maddening.  He does, however, deserve credit for fearlessness to engage in debate. He presents himself in venues likely to be hostile to his views and does battle.

During those exchanges there may be hostility towards his political beliefs, but never any directed towards him personally. This is the way a pluralistic society is supposed to carry on political debate. Far too few on the left seem capable of this engagement (and some on the right as well), opting instead to discredit people, not their ideas, in an effort to shut them up. CAIR, darling of the left, deftly wields this sledgehammer, does it while pretending to sing Kumbaya, and rarely is called on their deceptions.

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Obama ‘BFD’ T-Shirt

Barack Obama, following the Clinton (D-Arkansas) tradition, is soiling the office of the President and embarrassing the nation.  Joe Biden’s F-Bomb is being marketed for profit.

I can’t say it any better than already written at Freedom Eden.  Please read it there.

My only addition is: just when I think this administration and their bottom-feeding cabal can find no new depths to plumb, they find a new way to disgust me.

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