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Getting Health Care from the DMV

I went to the DMV today and came away empty handed. In fairness, the glitch was my fault, but it was minor.  Yet there was no workaround. They are closed tomorrow for Christmas Eve, and closed on the weekend anyway. This agency, which none of us can avoid, is open Mon-Fri, closing at 5:00p, making it necessary for people to miss work to do their mandated business with the state.

It was impossible not to consider how miserable this would be if the DMV were in charge of my health care. A doctor is not going to withhold vital services due to minor problems with paperwork. They will find a way to work around technicalities. It’s happened to me. A government bureaucrat, or even medical personnel who answer to a bureaucrat? I wouldn’t bet on it.

How can anyone believe what our government is about to do to us will be an improvement?

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