Don Hammond is a financial markets professional in transition, with 12 years Wall Street trading experience, 10 years as a sole-proprietor managing money, and 25 concurrent years as a not-so-closeted computer geek. Raised in Chicago, he worked in Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York before choosing Raleigh for home in 2000.

He holds a B.A., Economics from Northwestern University, and is a long-time observer of the political, economic, and cultural landscapes. Don credits his Mom and Dad for instilling values that provided a solid foundation – love of God, family, and country; hard work; critical thinking; and empathy. Always engaged but never agitated to do much (other than yelling occasionally at the television and writing letters to the New York Times to go unpublished), he is now more than exercised enough to join the rising chorus of voices bellowing, “Enough!”

Don believes most of the political dialogue isn’t dialogue at all, but an echo chamber. Too many on both sides interact only with people who think alike. He believes any personal conviction worth having can withstand scrutiny, even assault, and be defended honestly; otherwise it demands rethinking. Don hopes to contribute to the informed citizenry required to keep a free, pluralistic society and has no interest in providing ammunition to unthinking people anywhere along the political spectrum.

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