Provincial Bureaucracy

An email soliciting an IT contractor came through my inbox the other day. The body of the message included this bit:

Category: Computer Systems Analysis Services

Location: 116 W. Jones Street, Room 5200, Raleigh, NC 27603-8005

Estimated Duration: From: 7/1/2011 To 6/30/2012

Please arrange to provide 1-2 local candidates with government experience preferably with Office of the Governor, NC with following skill-sets:

This rubs me the wrong way.

Any employer gets to specify the requirements to fill a position. One would expect, at least in the private sector, that the terms are set for the purpose of finding quality candidates. When the governor’s office specifies previous government experience, and preferably within that office, it’s easy to suspect this has more to do with finding a loyal partisan than with finding the best qualified professionals.

Any government employer should be obligated to maintain open hiring policies. There ought to be an inviolable fiduciary responsibility to get the best employees possible, and there ought never be any tolerance for policies that would enable rewarding of political patrons.

I’ll allow for the possibility that valid circumstances could exist for restrictions like those in the email. But those must be rare and transparent exceptions. Otherwise, the bureaucracy becomes another rent seeking special interest.

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